WordPress 1.5

Okay, the spam was really killing my fun in blogging, so I decided to upgrade to WordPress 1.5, since Bart told me it had many features to kill spam. Let's hope they work. The first thing I noted though (in between all the good things I saw, I should have upgraded earlier :-|) was a small error in the header of the administration-page. Ah well, you won't have to see that, right? ;-)

Slow posting

Yes, I know, I haven't been posting much lately. But really, nothing really interesting has happened lately, so I have little to talk about. We're still working on the programme for the customer, but we're hoping to have it finished this week. We'll see. When something happens, I'll write some more.

Ow, I just deleted 40 comment-spams. I hate those spammers.

Feeling good

You now, I'm feeling quite alright again. Today I went to the accountant, which was a nice conversation. Bart called me when I was there to tell me our new customer wanted to sign the contract next Friday, tonight on IRC Bart and Peter told me they expect to be finished with the programme Friday. And then all the things I talked about with the accountant, how he'll help us with acquisition and that he wants a new website from us.

And of course, I know now that CIDEV will eventually succeed in its mission; promote real information technology for a fair price, with happy customers and happy employees and, of course, happy Bart and Tim, who will be able to live from their work. So I can live with Monique soon. Yes, very much dopamine in my body at the moment.


Monique liked the CD's :) I'm always glad when I can do something to make her happy. She doesn't really care about what I do or how expensive it is or anything, just that I do things to make her feel special. And personally, I don't mind making her feel special because she is special. Very special. To me, at least.

On another note, I noticed a lot of people came to this page while looking for Mandrake Mini Install. Since I don't want to disappoint you, here's the link to Mandrake Mini Install ISO. Hope this helps! O and by the way, since you're here already, you might want to check out my own experiences with mandrake mini install and my conclusion about Mandrake Mini install. Have fun!

Working hard, things settling down

As you may have guessed, I've been quite busy working these last few weeks. Also, as I mentioned earlier, there was a lot of stuff that happened here and I didn't want to blog about. I still don't, but hey, you don't want to know everything about me ;-)

At the moment we're working hard on the programming project, to make sure it's finished by next week. Mostly because we're bored by it and hope to start with our new customer soon. I did however find time to go to my accountant last week, to help him with some computer-trouble he was having. Alas, I was only able to determine that the fault lay within the Windows configuration somewhere, but since I'm an Open Source-guy, I didn't know how to pinpoint the setting. All I could do was advise him to have the machine reinstalled. He had a guy over there last Saturday to do that, I think.

Today is Valentine's Day, but Monique and I really don't do anything with it. Well, I bought a CD of Phil Collins a few weeks ago that I copied for myself (it didn't play normally, so I had to rip it) and now I'll be giving it to Monique tonight. Eventually we'll live together anyhow and I know she'll like the CD's, so she can have them for now :)

Nothing really interesting to report, further. Hanneke went home again yesterday and all's quiet now. I'll be working on the programming project for most of this week, although I will be visiting a potential new customer on Wednesday. Hopefully there will be an assignment out of that.

Now that I think about it, it's kinda funny to tell this, though. The new customer called me last, um, Thursday, I think. Early. Well, early for me. Around 9.30 in the morning. I was still sleeping when my phone rang and since it's a mobile, it lies next to my bed (in case Monique sms'es or a client needs help or something). So I talked to the woman on the line while I was just awake. Very annoying, I need to get myself a secretary ;-) I think she really thinks me on drugs or something. Ah well, I'll sort that out Wednesday. We've got the meeting at 11u, so I'll have plenty of time to rest ;-)

Sleeping phonecall

I was just called awake by a new potential customer. I'm a bit annoyed that I wasn't awake already before she called. I don't think the telephone call went very well ;-) But I'll be meeting her next Wednesday. I'll have another chance to make a good impression then.

Difficult times

Sometimes my life is in a difficult phase. I used to attribute this to esoteric stuff like biorhythm and the like, but these days I'm more down-to-earth about it. one has good times and one has bad times. Even though last week was absolutly fantastic (mainly because we've got that new customer), last weekend was dull and unpleasant at times.

Someone who knows me might say it's because the time of the year and the province in which I live (the first is Vasteloavend and the latter Limburg), but I don't think that's the case. It's more like a lot of things coming together. First there's Hanneke, who I don't mind staying here, but who does brings a lot of trouble along. Second, there's the visit of a good friend of mine this Wednesday. Someone who Monique really dislikes, so I think Monique is a little bit pissed about that, even though she says she isn't. Thirdly there's the stress. I always thought I was impenetrable for stress, but it seems it can even catch me. I'm unproductive and really hating myself for that.

I am, however, working on a story again, which lightens my spirit every so often. In Dutch though, but for you Dutch readers out there, I might publish it here. It seems my way of dealing with stress is reading and writing stuff. Which isn't too bad. I'd prefer hot, steamy sex to deal with stress, though... ;-)

While searching for some nice links to add to this post, I found an online biorhythm calculator and tried it, just for fun. Although it told me my emotional "rhythm" was somewhere near the top, I don't feel like that at all. So, I can scratch biorhythms. Let's look at my horoscope... ;-)

Small update

A lot of things are going on, but most of them too personal to talk about here, sorry.

On another note, we've got the client we wanted so badly and they didn't even haggle about the price. So my week has been positive mostly.