Book collection, the trouble with 'em

I use a nice programme called Tellico to manage my book-collection. Well, I'm still in the process of adding books. At the moment, it contains 272 books and I'm guessing I'm about at two-thirds of my total book collection. It's an easy programme to manage my books in, but primarily I would've liked to show my complete collection on the Internet. Yeah, I'm a show-off.

It is possible though, to a certain degree. But the end result isn't to my liking. I.e., it's not possible to sort the result, not possible to search through the result, not possible to have the collection presented as genres, et cetera. Don't get me wrong, Tellico is a nice programme and I could build that kind of an interface myself and all, but I would've expected there to be already one available. Someone would've used those nice standards like BibTeX or BibTeXML? Guess not... Ah well, I might spend some time on it... When I have some spare time somewhere...


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