Bah. I downloaded a mini installation CD, so I could install my dad's machine via the network interface. But alas, Mandrake isn't smart enough to not refer to specific versions of packages on a server. Or the Surfnet FTP server doesn't contain all packages that are required. I tend to go for the first option. Because it's not the only thing that goes wrong. Apparantly, the mini install CD is still a work-in-progress, since even the latest "Official"-version points to the Community-mirror! Bad choice... You know, I really like Mandrake for the desktop, once it's installed, it just works. No trouble at all. But the installation isn't easy and an upgrade certainly isn't advisable. Just make sure you have a separate /home-partition (darn, didn't do that... this will bite me in the future, I just know it) and re-install each new version. That's the only safe way to go. Upgrades just do not work.