Mandrake Install Update and a new Toy

In case you were wondering, I'm still working on my dad's pc. The Mandrake Mini Install CD is seriously fucked up. You may know, Mandrake-versions consist of two branches (at least, since 10.0), known as "Community" and "Official". Community can be seen as a rc-version of the new Mandrake version. The Official branch is the one that ends up in the stores. Well, the Mandrake Mini Install CD, which depends on packages from Official, only has a list of mirrors for Community! I solved the problem by manually entering the URL for the Official-branch. A good thing I know that one by heart, but a sad thing that the creator of the mini install cd wasn't able to have that forsight...

On another note, I started a new project. I'm going to develop a small RSS aggregator (yeah yeah, there are many already) in Python, which classifies news-items with a Bayesian filter. I haven't really done large things in Python before, so it's more a test than anything else. Would be cool if it just worked nicely, though. Bart showed me the RSS aggregator he used in Mac OS X, one with an interface I really liked. I'm going to ... ahum... borrow that interface ;-) And have buttons added to each article to determine if you like it or not. In the end, the programme should be able to determine articles that interest you by the words they contain. At least, in theory. We'll see how it ends up.

I already found some libraries I can really use, Reverend looks to be a good Bayes-classifier, Feed Parser looks to be perfect to actually interact with RSS and last but not least, htmllib will aid in the displaying of the feeds. The programme is almost done with just these three libraries ;-)


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