The First Day of the Year

I don't really care for celebrating New Year. Some people consider it some kind of closure, a point in time to start anew, with a clean slate, so to say. Not for me. I don't mind celebrating it, since it is a holiday and fireworks can be very nice to look at, but I don't feel or act different the first day of the new year. I have no sudden urge to say to myself "Yes Tim, this is the year that you're going to do things all different, from now on, there's a new Tim, that will first of all loose 10 kgs of body weight."

It is a special day for me, nonetheless, but for a whole different reason: Me and Monique, my girlfriend, became a couple on the newyears eve of 2003. And that's a thing I like to remember and celebrate. But aside from that, my day was a normal saturday.

Since Monique went home around 4 o'clock in the morning, I slept late. I slept bad, too, since the dogs started barking early in the morning. I really woke up around 1 o'clock in the afternoon. The first thing I do on a saturday is sms my Monique to ask her what we will be doing this day. She wanted to go take a stroll with one of the dogs. Since my dad has four dogs, there's always one willing to jump in the car and drive to the park. So we went strolling through the park ('Brunssumerheide', for you dutchies) and didn't return to the car until the sun was almost completely down, around half past five.

When we got back home, dad already prepared dinner. He asked us the day before if we'd like to fondue this day and of course, who can say no to fondue? We talked a lot during dinner, about all kinds of things, mostly the dogs, though. And then we went to see what was on the television. Sometimes we play a game, 'Kolonisten van Catan' in Dutch, 'The Settlers of Catan' in other places (see also GnoCatan), sometimes we watch television and tonight we watched the DVD of King Arthur (the director's cut). My dad usually doesn't understand the movie and goes to bed early and Monique and I have some of the privacy we sorely lack in our few days per week together.

So nothing special, just a normal day. I do need to loose those 10 kgs, though...


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