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I'm a big fan of The Order of the Stick and today the author/artist, Rich Burlew, informed me that finally the first volume of the comic will be in print. I love web-comics, especially when they are a parody of Dungeons & Dragons or other Fantasy RPG's. For example, I bought all three volumes of Bruno The Bandit. That's really a lot of laughs. So I went on to buy the first book of The Order of the Stick and apparantly the e-commerce software used is something called CubeCart. Well, let me tell you, that stuff is real rubbish.

Most sites I know that deal with email addresses are rubbish, actually. Since they don't allow for a "+"-sign in email addresses. I hate that. I really do. The "+"-sign in an email address is a really convenient way to track where spam comes from. My MTA, Postfix, allows for the "+"-sign to be used as a delimiter (and Postfix isn't the only one that allows this). This way I can make different email addresses without any fuss, I just append a "+" and some string to my normal email address et voilà, a new email address that is automatically delivered to my normal Inbox. My email client, Novell's Evolution (used to be Ximian's Evolution, but Ximian was bought by Novell), can filter spam out and I can filter special email to other folders just by checking the address it was sent to. Very neat.

But alas, since those stupid programmers don't follow Open Standards and RFC2822, they will not allow my address with a "+"-sign. Anders Jacobsen made the whole rant before, on his weblog. Be sure to read it.

I emailed Rich Burlow that since the app didn't accept my valid email address, I was unable to buy a comic. Now, I feel sorry for the guy, he puts a lot of work into the comic and I'd like to support his work. Maybe I'll try to donate some using PayPal... Assuming PayPal accepts "+"-signs in email addresses...


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