Tonight I'll be in Venlo with my girlfriend. We're going out for dinner together, just because we feel like it. Since I don't have my student's public transport pass anymore, I'll have to actually pay for the trainride! ;-) I don't mind, even though I don't really have the money for it. Yesterday I requested the discount card from the Dutch Railways, so next time I'll at least be able to go there with 40% discount.

I won't be sleeping there, though. I snore and she's got a rough week at work, since they're introducing a new system there. She can need all the sleep she can get, I'd figure. So I'll be returning late tonight.

Did two sets of crunches today, the first of 22 and the second of 25. So that's a total of 47. Not sure if I can keep track of them this way, though ;-)


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