Actually helping people

The last few days I've been thinking about going to Asia or Africa and actually help people there building up their lives again. No, I'm able to actually build houses and such, but maybe I can help build the knowledge or computer-networks in schools or some such? I don't know. I think that when they would ask me for such a task, I'd instantly say yes. But maybe I'm not the right guy for such a job. Yes, I could teach and I'm quite proud in saying that at least that's one of my virtues, being able to teach. When they've got Internet over there, I might even be able to setup some small ISP's or something. An Internet café, I don't know. Just giving money doesn't feel good enough. But I can't just pick up my belongings and go live there for a few months. I'd only be a burden, I'm sure. I wish I could really help.


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