People and their dogs

Some people are worse than the average nerd in regards to communication. When I told my father today that Monique and me wanted to go walking with Dark, the puppy, he asked us not to stay too long, since he expected visitors this afternoon. One thing you need to do, 'visitors' with family Stoop in the weekends usually means 'people who want to see the dogs'. So we made sure to get back early. That proved to be an easy task, since it started raining when we were walking in the fields.

The woman who came to visit, brought her own dog, Parel (pronounced PA-rule, with the A the same as in 'Da' from daddy, it means Pearl in Dutch). Parel is only two weeks older than our own Dark, but she looked about the same as our Aagje, in size and built! Quite amazing. Her owner obviously hadn't been to puppy-school with Parel, since she just didn't listen. People should go to puppy-school with their dogs, it just makes them behave better. And the earlier you start, the better. I've seen that with Aagje. But that's another story.

Her owner was a bit... how can I say this politely? I mean no disrespect, but it was difficult to actually have a conversation with the woman. Afterwards my father told me she'd been here before, without a dog, and he had the same trouble with her, so he was glad that she took her dog in with her this time, so he could play a little with the dog while trying to hold a conversation with her. She kept combining all kind of things that have no consequence to each other.

I'll give you one example, which struck me as very peculiar. At a certain time, Monique, who was here also, explained to the woman the theory behind deep pressure. Monique is an ergotherapist, she knows about everything there is to know about perception and treatments to improve perception. She primarily treats small children with perception disorders or i.e. AD/HD. She knows a lot about the way signals are processed by our body and brain. Now, the owner of Parel probably didn't know that, but when Monique started to explain about deep pressure and the result on small children and, as we earlier noted, with the same effect on Aagje, her respons was very... peculiar:

"Ow, I don't know about such things. I'm probably not someone to treat my dog with homeopathic stuff."

I mean... huh? We never mentioned homeopathy or anything similar, what was she talking about? Strange woman indeed...

By the way, the effect of deep pressure on Aagje was that it calmed her down. Monique told us to apply deep pressure daily and Aagje would probably become a quieter dog. It worked.

Whatever. Tonight, Monique and I are going to see Lemony Snicket's: A series of unfortunate events. I'll tell you later if I liked it.

Oh and I did 32 crunches today. Pressured myself into that, since I did 30 again yesterday and Monique told me I should be able to do 50 at least at my age...


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