Walked with Dark again, since yesterday kinda rained away. It's really fun, walking with a young puppy. You really get a lot of attention. We kept Dark on the leash the whole time, since the park was very crowded and although Dark listens very well, she still tends to loose us when there are a lot of humans strolling about. Especially since we usually keep on walking when she's getting petted by other people (it's a way to learn a dog she herself needs to keep an eye on the master). We saw a black Labrador Retriever puppy of fourteen weeks old. Very cute.

Tonight, at six o'clock, we're going dancing again, just like last friday. I'm not especially looking forward to that and I think Monique and I sort of decided that this will be the last course we will be following. I will try to persuade her to follow this course again, though, since I think the second time we do it, it will go much better. I'm not sure if she'll be persuaded, though. We have a lot of fight due to the dancing and I think we're both a bit tired of those little rows.

On another note, apparantly the crunches are working already! My aunt told me today that I looked much thinner than the last time she saw me. Although I still weigh about 90 kgs, my belly apparantly looks better. I asked Monique if she saw the change too, already and she said she did, especially in my face. Ah well. I did 35 crunches today, by the way. Maybe tomorrow I can do 40 ;-)


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