Why in English?

Elise asked me after yesterday's article why I'm blogging in English and not in Dutch, since that's my native language. Although my previous weblog was in Dutch and it would be far easier for me to blog in Dutch, people who know me well know my love for learning and blogging in English is a better learning experience. I'm trying to learn myself an English style, so I'll be able to write some articles for English magazines. Maybe about Open Source or something. Also, maybe I'll get a client from England or America, being able to write in English fluently and with a native flair would be a good thing, then. You never know when it comes in handy. Now you know. I will be writing some things in Dutch, though. I've been thinking about a short story for a few months now, I'll do that in Dutch, since I'm not good enough in English to narrate in English.

On another note, 40 crunches wasn't possible. With much effort I made 37. I did my crunches 30 minutes ago and I'm still feeling it :)


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