The dentist went okay. He decided he didn't have the time to work on the filling, so he moved that to the next appointment on july the 1st. Hm, better put that in my agenda so I won't forget it... Done! So I didn't mind that change in plans, I was not really looking forward to that procedure. Maybe it would've been better if he did it last friday, but then again, maybe in 6 months time he has changed his mind ;-)

Yesterday Monique and I went walking with Angel, you know, the same dog I'll be doing training with on the 24th of this month. Ten lessons and I'm hoping it'll help her. I tried yesterday, too, though. Monique and I even had a fight about that. Angel has very low selfesteem, which isn't strange, since she's always being put down by Anouk and Aagje (you can see the dogs at my dad's site). Well, Monique and I together learned Aagje her tricks. Aagje is a really easy dog to teach stuff, even though we were quite late to start with her training. Aagje just needs a firm hand, a real leader who holds the leach. If she knows that, she'll do anything for the leader. I let Monique do most of the teaching, since she had never done that before. Of course, under my own supervision. Even though I'm not a dog trainer, I have been doing that for more than 10 years, so I think I know a bit about training dogs.

Aagje went quite alright. She's not the best example of an obedient dog, especially since she still needs to check if the leader holding her leach is really a leader, and she's simple got too much energy, but she turned out nicely. She knows when to sit, knows when to lie down. What more can you really ask? As I said, a firm hand works wonders with Aagje, because she brimful of selfesteem.

Since Angel has a lack of selfesteem, she's much more difficult to train. Especially since she will try to attack strange dogs. We need to work to get her over that and I think the only way to do that is to give her a bit more confidence in herself when she's put in a situation like that. That may sound strange, why would you try to give more confidence to a dog who tries to attack other dogs? But it's quite easily understood, when you know a bit more about dogs. Angel is a kind of dog that's known as a "fear-biter", when she's afraid, she'll start attacking. Because dogs in the wild are dangerous when they're attacking, it's their instinct. So I think, if I can give her a bit more confidence in herself when she's approaching other dogs, she might stop attacking.

Such things take time. Getting confidence in a dog is as difficult as it is to get confidence in a person. Maybe more so. When we went walking yesterday, I started doing that, talking to her, giving her easy commands, things she knows she can do well. When we approached another dog, I tried to give her some confidence by petting her a little, or giving her those simple commands again. Monique didn't see any improvements, so she wanted to try the same technique we applied to Aagje. We argued about it, but in the end I gave in (I can't deny Monique anything, I think) and I let her try it. She was firm with Angel and I immediatly saw the ill effect it had on Angel. She became very frustrated and scared, because she didn't know if she was doing the right things and got punishment over things she didn't understand. She didn't react really bad, but Monique's way wasn't really improving it either. She just became more nervous.

So we argued about it, Monique and I, which ended in Monique telling me I should bring her home... NOW. So I did. But she still thinks I'm arrogant about it, because she didn't see any improvements with my technique either. And I just can't make her understand that such improvements will take a really long time...

The rest of the afternoon I worked. And yesterday night we went dancing in Klimmen. The ballroom dances went okay, but never perfect. Latin went really well, in my opinion. We had a nice time.

I forgot my crunches yesterday, and I still have to do my crunches today. I'll report later on how many I did ;-)


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