Ah well, seems my whole day stood in the sign of crashing. First of all my OpenOffice crashed, after I opened a strange xls-file. It has never ever done that before. And I'm using OpenOffice for about two years now. Very peculiar. The thing is, since it hasn't ever crashed before, I didn't automatically save my document every 15 minutes... And I tend to keep OpenOffice open for several days at a time (I never turn of my desktop machine, too many automated processes depend on it) with the same document. At the moment I've been working for over a week on an offering at the darn thing crashed! The last time I saved was on the 14th! Three days of work gone! Luckily, I knew what I wanted to be in the document, so although it took me all day to get it done, it's finally done now.

And then Monique and I went dancing again tonight. I went okay, except for that darn Quickstep (you may know it as a Foxtrot). Silver has a figure in it that's called a 'fish tail' and it's very difficult for me. First of all, it starts with a figure I know (left turn) very well, but danced at a different speed than normal. Normally a left turn is quick-slow-slow but just before a fish tail it's slow-quick-quick. It really messes with the mind, such things. So when the teacher was looking, I failed to do each and every fish tail, but when Monique and I danced on our own a bit later, it all went fine! Darn Quickstep!

And the last crashing, my dad told me that Hanneke, a friend from the dog-club, will be over next Friday. Which is fun, we get visitors for the dogs every weekend. Although they usually go home again after a few hours... Hanneke will be staying until Sunday... :) She's nice, so I don't mind. Although it's a bit strange to live with my dad when he has a girlfriend over... :D

So crashing isn't always bad ;-)


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