TeX and complex tables

Today one of our customers told us he wanted the programme we're building for him to be finished on the first of February. Although we can't promise anything like that (we have until the second week of February to finish it, that's in the contract), we did told him we would try to do so. He's not a bad ass, but he has customers who want to use the programme on that day. Peter and Bart are doing the really though stuff, and I'm trying to build a good solution to create PDF's from the data that's in the database.

The documents need to be in a really tight layout and PDF is perfect for that stuff. But there really isn't anything in Open Source land that helps you build quick complex documents. I mean, all I want is HTML-like functionality and I'm done. Alas, although there is some work being done on the subject, those projects aren't capabal of doing the stuff I need. So I tried LATEX.

I spend the whole afternoon looking for a solution, but it just didn't come out right. You see, I need to have this, so I tried this code, but that gives me this result. Very frustrating when I can do it in HTML but am not able enough to do it in PDF. And the customer really needs that PDF-part. So I posted the message on Google Groups and am now waiting to see if anyone can reply to it and give me the solution. If not, the other alternative is to see if I can change the layout a little bit and still get a result that satisfies the customer. We'll see, tomorrow.


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