Simple automatic PDF generation

It seems like an impossible task, generating a simple PDF on the fly. Well, maybe not that simple, I need quite a complex table in it, as I told you in a previous post. Bit it doesn't seem to be that difficult, really. I've dropped TeX as a possible way to do it, since tabulary just doesn't seem to work right. Bart suggested Report Lab, who have developed a PDF library for Python. A good one, as far as I can see at the moment. But still not easy enough to really create the PDF I want. I still need a bit of practise with it, though.

I'm thinking about notifying the customer that I may not be ready with the pdf-part by next week. I'll have to discuss this with Bart and Peter first, though. Maybe they don't see things as glum as I do. Delaying the PDF-part may be not really a problem, since people still get a HTML-version of the same info. Perhaps a possible solution for it, one that they can use in the meantime, is just printing the HTML. I'll figure something out. Maybe tomorrow things will go faster, though. I'll be working all day in Eindhoven with Peter. I'll be more focussed that way, I think. We'll see.


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