Most depressing day of the year

It was all over the news today, the 24th of January is the most depressing day of the year. At least, that's what RTL Nieuws was telling everyone today. I don't know about such "news facts", they're only mentioned because there's no other, more pressing news. Something to lighten people's spirits or something? I don't know. I know it wasn't depressing for me, very much, at least.

Yeah, today was the day I would go to puppy training (dogschool) with Angel. Well, since Kitty (my sister) goes there with Dark, she already announced the trouble we have with Angel, several times and dad repeated that when he entered Angel into the school. Kitty came to pick me up around 7.30pm and as we drove to Kunrade, she told me about what I should and should not do there. Since it's a dogschool from the Dutch society for animal protection (Dierenbescherming), they disallow some things we take for granted. Like using a chain-belt (not sure about the correct English term for this one), which we use for all our dogs but they don't want it used over there. Okay, I can live with that, especially since we're training Angel. Aagje, the dog Monique and I trained together, needs a firm hand for control, but Angel needs a softer approach.

Well, if you know me, you know I can be quite arrogant when I think I know something about a certain subject. So Dad already warned me that I should do as they said and not go into discussion about things. So I promised myself I would do as he suggested. Boy, was that a mistake.

As we entered, Angel went totally insane. She kept barking and howling and pulling the leash. It was a sorry sight. But since I knew the trainers were warned, I figured they would come and tell me what I should do. More dogs were quite wild and noisy, and then the trainer gave her first lesson: "Try to silence your dogs, give them attention and pet them a lot." I stood perplexed. Did she really want me to confirm to Angel that she was doing the right thing? Because giving a dog who is very obviously scared attention, is like rewarding her for the behaviour she's displaying at that time. I swallowed and did as she told me. It didn't help. (Yes, I'm going to a lot of trouble here not to add a "of course to that last sentence.) She only got worse.

Than the trainer told everyone there, while she looked straight at me: "If you can't keep your dogs quiet, I'm afraid you'll have to leave. Please try to keep all your dogs quiet, so I can talk without shouting." I thought I was perplexed before, but this really got me frustrated. I mean, we told her we wanted to train with Angel because she goes balistic around other dogs, how can she expect me to keep Angel quiet? Wasn't that why I wanted to take that course? Both trainers came over and gave me some more advice, but Angel didn't have any attention for me at all, so it was a lost battle. They asked me to leave.

Of course I left, but I left furious. We told them several times that Angel was a problem case, why did they have to make her go trough this? Why have me come over when they're not able to correct her behaviour, like we told them we needed for Angel? Honestly, I could've punched that woman in the face. First she gives me shitty advice about calming the dog, and when that only made it worse, she threw me out because she was unable to cope with it! The gall!

Bah, I'm getting mad just thinking about it again. Of course Dad as well as Hanneke and Kitty were also very irritated about that. The trainer told me she would call tomorrow. I'm very sure I'll tell her how I felt being treated that way. Later, when I went back to pick Kitty and Dark up, I spoke a little bit with Kitty's trainer and he obviously didn't agree with the way the other trainer handeled this. He couldn't say so, since she was his co-worker, but his tone and manner said enough for me. Ah well, we'll see what the trainer has to say on the phone tomorrow.

So that was a bit depressing, but there also happened some good stuff. Like I went shopping with Monique again this afternoon, which is always fun. She forgot her dance certificate again (you know, the piece of paper we earned yesterday) and after I picked Kitty up at the dogschool, I brought the certificate over to Monique's place. She later sms-ed me she really appreciated that, not because she wanted that certificate so much, but because she likes how I embrace each and every excuse just to see her for a few moments :)

Also, for the first time in many years, I really talked with my sister again. About everything, the dogs, our parents, my mother (whom I haven't spoken with in 9 years or so, but she still speaks with her), how we felt during the seperation of our parents, all kinds of things. It felt really good talking to my sister again in that way. She really is the only one who went through exact the same things as myself during those awful, awful years.

So except for being dissappointed in the dogschool, my day went quite well. Tomorrow I'll be in Eindhoven the whole day, working together with Peter and Bart. That'll be nice. But for now, time for bed.


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