I found a solution to generate PDF's in the style I want, it's not an easy thing, though. I'm using Lout now, since it at least has the features I need for the tables. It's not working like I want yet, though. I'll fix it.

On a side-note, I've been working most of the day on templates for the project we're doing. Most functionality is now working, it only needs to be put into place. I think they will be pleased, before the end of the project. They asked us last week if we could finish it before the start of the next month, but today I called them to tell them that isn't possible. Too many things still need doing and I'm not going to deliver hasty work. I rather extend the deadline a bit than deliver poor work. They understood and we're quite cool about it. We now have about two weeks for the project to finish. I think we'll make it.

The woman from the Dierenbescherming I talked about last Monday, called my sister today and told her she was very sorry things happened the way they happened, but she wasn't qualified to handle a dog like Angel yet. So she gave us the number of a animal behaviour specialist and that's it. Well, I don't think dad will call the specialist just yet, so today I started using the Clicker for some Clicker-training. It didn't go so well with Angel, but Aagje really loves it.

Had an argument about it with dad, though, when he tried earlier this evening to implement his own idea of Clicker-training by doing targeting on the Clicker. He hasn't even read the books, but still he thinks he can do a better job then me. Well, I spent an hour this afternoon to read the booklet Hanneke brought last weekend and at least I know what I'm doing. He was just doing something that he thought would work. I mean, if he doesn't want me to train with the dogs, he should say so, not disrupt my training with them with his own ideas of training. I'm pissed at him about that. Really pissed.


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