I'm bothered by a test I did tonight with Monique. We went to some site to check how much we could loan together. It wasn't much and certainly not enough to buy a house. I think I'll need to have my own company for at least three years before I can get any sort of loan. I'm bothered by it, because I want to live with Monique as soon as possible. Of course, we can rent, but renting is more like a black hole-money pit than really building something. If we could buy something, it would be easier. On the other hand, renting is probably the only thing we can do for the first few years.

The biggest problem I face in these next few years is finding customers. I know we have a great service and we're really good at what we're doing, but I'm not a marketing-guy, however much I pretend to be one. Knowing that most customers will not be interested, I really need a lot of leads to actually make a profit. But where to find them? All the leads we have know are hard-earned and usually through some sort of relation. I'm not sure how to procede from here. What do I need to get some more customers?

The first thing I figured out myself is simply making sure we've got a handy brochure ready to hand to potential customers. One that actually tells what we do and why we're better than the rest. And cheaper. Something we can use for networking, to send to potential customers. I've got one of those lying around, just a concept, but at least it's something.

Worries, worries, worries. That's the downside of owning your own company. But I'm determined to make this work. Very determined. I'll figure something out. I'll go to sleep now, though ;-)


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