Software Patents and democracy

Nice. Very nice. According to several sources, the European Commission declined the wish of the European Parliament to restart the negotiations about Software Patents. Please re-read that last sentence. It says, that the [people who are put there by governments and corporations] deny the request from [people chosen democratically by the inhabitants of Europe] to restart the process around Software Patents. What the hell is going on here?

When did we leave a democratic Europe behind and did we venture into corporate Europe? How can the EC deny such a request, which was made almost unanimously? Why are they only interested in helping the corporations and not the common European? Software patents are unhealthy for any economy, it puts the power in the hands of the largest corporations. You know, like the ones we convicted of abusing their power. Although I can imagine a law which made Software Patents legal in a good way, the law that's proposed by the EC is anything but fair.

The way the law is passed around now, the littlest and most unimportant things can be patented. It would make life for IT professionals not affiliated with large companies (like myself) absolute hell. It would be impossible to do any work anymore, since all the time we need to check if something isn't patented. You know, because they are even able to patent the One-Click-Buy system from Amazon... That means a patent on mouse-clicks. That's not just scary, that's true horror. How will a small guy as myself survive?

Do we need patents? Maybe, I'm not sure. Do we approve of the law as it is layed down now? No. Do we condone a law passed by the EC but not approved by a democratic process? Never. The EC has absolutly no respect for democracy and I say they should find themself a job with one of those companies that's supporting them. I don't want these people making rules about my life.

You know, a united Europe sounds worse and worse.


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