Project finished

Well, almost. Our customer wanted a programme to look for job for employees who are unable to perform like a 'normal, healthy' person. So we made a programme to match jobs with 'disabilities', following the FML-method. Peter, our intern, worked on it for a bit over 5 months. Especially since last Christmas it was a bit of a problem to get the programme finished, both Bart and I had to do some serious labour to get it finished in time. Which isn't to blame on Peter, he did a marvelous job and even decided to work through some weekends, which I really appreciated.

But finally, the programme is finished. It's called B3 and will be show-cased next week for the first time. Today was the last meeting about the programme. We still need a little bit of work to polish the product, but at least it's done. And the customer is satisfied, for as far as I know. They seemed satisfied and pleased by the result.

I'm glad it's done. Finally on with the next project.

(All links in this text point to Dutch pages, sorry.)


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