Hanneke's children are staying over here for the weekend. Marina is 7 years old and Detlef is 16 and autistic. They're here because Hanneke has her birthday on Sunday. It's quite a change in the house, from a relativily silent house (well, not counting the dogs, of course) to quite a hectic household. They're both nice kids. I haven't really spoken to them, since I figured Hanneke would want to spent some time with them on her own, since she hasn't seen them in two weeks.

Monique was a bit less enthusiastic about it, though. Since she works with children (especially difficult ones) during the week, she prefers some peace and quiet in her weekends. Can't say I blame her. Even the dogs weren't in their normal behaviour. It's strange, really, having kid running around. Not bad, though. And no, I'm not thinking about keeping them ;-)


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