Quadriplegic controls PC by mind power alone

You know, this story in The Register really sums it up for me. This is what IT should be doing, empowering people to take back at least a portion of their lives and make them able to express themselves again. If I ever get a chance to do work like this, I'll love it and would do it for free. Well, maybe not for free, but I wouldn't want to earn a Porsche for it, just living off it would be nice too.

How cool would it feel to help someone in this way? Implement some electronics and have them use a computer. So many disciplines are needed to have it actually work, it's mind boggling. But the work would be so very rewarding. Since the guy can actually move and use a mouse, almost all things are available again (well, on a computer that is). What interface would he use? Looking at the site, I can see an IE sign, but they wouldn't use IE, right? The drawn monitor on the desk is a Mac, which would be a far better choice, since it much more mouse-orientated.

How would the guy in question experience the change? The psychological impact could be really large. I mean, bam! you loose the use of every single body-part except your brain and than all of a sudden, technology comes around to help you actually do something again. I imagine it would be euforic.

I hope noone around me every has to face such a challange, but if they do, I'll try as much as I can to help them implement these electronics. Have them do something again, even if it is just a game of Go. Cyberkinetics Inc., you guys rock.


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