Dark gone

I didn't tell you people about this yet, I just remembered you would like the news. Well, 'like' is not the right term here, I think.

I may have told you about Dark before, she's one of the dogs of a German breeder, well known to my dad, because they provided the dog to breed with Anouk for the first time (now almost a year and a half ago). Due to several things happening at the same time, they asked us to take care of Dark, then a pup of 8 weeks old, for a time. My dad wanted to do them the favour, so soon Dark was here for a slumber party. She's a very pretty silver-colored Old German Shepard and she stayed here for about 5 months, a little longer. My sister went to puppy training with Dark and Dark performed very well. Actually, she was first in her class. I always liked her best of all the dogs we have in house here, since she's very easy-going and relaxed. She comes to you when she needs attention and when you're not in the mood to give her attention, she just lied down on her cushion, next to the radiator. A very happy dog, too, the only one I let loose when Monique and I went strolling in the 'Brunssumse hei', some sort of park where a lot of people go for a stroll. I could let her loose, because I was sure she would always return to me when I called her. Not even Anouk does so and therefor I usually keep the other dogs leashed.

Well, apparantly, the breeders who own Dark falsified some document and dad's dog society, the N.O.D.H.V., found out so they were forced to ask question about it. Dad didn't believe a word of it, but when even a veterinary surgeon faxed them some evidence, it was hard to deny the charges. Last Sunday the breeders came for a visit to talk it over. Apparantly, it didn't go very well, since they took Dark with them.

I'm not privy to the talks and I'm actually not really interested in what happened. I do miss Dark, though. She's a very sweet, relaxed dog. Even though she always did look a bit like a hyena. I'll honoustly miss her. Ah well, we knew from the start she wasn't going to stay forever. Still, it's sad.


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