My bunny!

Today, Monique and I went to a pet shop in Sittard, just to look around and we saw the cutest bunny ever. Now, since I work a lot in my own room and my dad's dogs aren't able to get there (they are not allowed to walk up the stairs, that's bad for their hips), I was thinking about buying myself a pet for some weeks now. When I saw the little bunnies, I was sold.

Of course, I didn't think it correct to buy a bunny there and then. Such a creature needs a cage and food and all kinds of materials, which I didn't have lying around. And of course, I live with my dad, so I felt I needed his permission first. Even though I'm 25, I still live under his roof and his rules, buying a pet needs at least an announcement. Monique didn't think my dad would allow it, actually.

His reaction was quite the opposite: "If you go get the bunny, I'll get a cage and all the other material." So we rode back to the pet store in Sittard, Monique and I together with Marina, Hanneke's daughter. Dad and Hanneke went to a special pet store in Brunssum to get all the other stuff. During the trip to Sittard, Marina and I tried to come up with a suitable name. Of course Monique helped too, but she was driving. My first idea was "Flappy", which is a common name for bunnies here in the Netherlands, refering to the floppy ears of a bunny. But since everyone calls their pet Flappy, I wasn't satisfied. After some other unsuitable names, Marina called out "Fluffy"! I liked it, Monique liked it, so I'm calling the bunny Fluffy. It has a nice ring to it.

She's adorable and still very small. You know, I forgot to ask the pet shop when she was born, so I'll have to call them about that tomorrow. In the meantime, here are some pictures we took today of Fluffy.

Fluffy in her cage

Fluffy in her own cage. The thing is quite large, don't you think?

Close-up Fluffy

A close-up of Fluffy's left side. See the line on her nose? That's so cute.

Fluffy already coming towards me

She spent her first few weeks of life in a normal home, not with a breeder, so she's already quite well adjusted to humans handling her. She almost didn't need time to adjust to her new cage and surrounding. Although she doesn't really like being petted, she's absolutly not afraid of humans. That's a good thing, because with me, she'll eventually have to learn how to be hugged a lot ;-)

Monique with Fluffy on her lap

Here you can see Monique with Fluffy on her lap. There a towel between Monique and Fluffy, because Fluffy of course isn't housebroken yet. She will be, eventually. Hanneke told me rabbits can be housebroken, so I have a small kitty-litter including the stuff to fill it with. I'll try my best to have her housebroken.

Cute little bunny

She's so cute with that line on her nose.

Monique, Fluffy and myself

My dad made this picture. Monique with Fluffy on her lap and me next to her. A cute bunny with a beautiful girl, who needs more? :)

That's all for now. I'll probably post more pictures later. Since Fluffy is in the room where I'm typing this, I'd better go to bed, so she has a bit of rest.


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