Fluffy's bottle is leaking!

Darn it! Fluffy's water bottle is leaking. And it's leaking hard. I refreshed the water this morning and already a third was gone from the bottle. Now, I don't mind refreshing her water each day (actually, I plan on doing that anyway), but it also means she has a whole 'wet spot' in her cage. And we all hate to sleep on the wet spot, now don't we?

So I removed the bottle and filled a soupbowl with her fodder and filled her stone fodderbowl with water. Hanneke was afraid she might not now how to drink from a bowl, but when I returned her the water, she started drinking from the bowl right away, so I'm not worried about that anymore. Dad will return the bottle tomorrow to see if we can get one that doesn't leak.

I also started to housebreak her today and I thought her usual 'relieve spot' was on the spot where her water bowl was leaking. Now I know I was wrong, so I'll have to replace the rodent litter tray on the spot where she does relieve herself. Not sure where that is, since she seems to poo around the whole cage. I'll clean her cage tonight, so we can start anew with that question. Sometimes even real life needs a reboot...


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