A bed-time-story for me. This article sounds so very familiar. Indeed, most people get tempted into buying a computer, but when they have a problem, there's noone qualified around to fix it. That's one gap we're trying to fill with our company, but alas, most computers are still sold with Microsoft Windows on there and we do only Open Source. So if people want our (quite affordable) help, they have to learn to use something new and that's a hurdle few are willing to take. Not that the neighbours are part of our target audience, but still, if you really want to help people, you need them to switch to the operating system you know best. And in my case, that's Linux. And if you want technical support on a Microsoft machine, you'll be paying them an arm and a leg, because not only do they need to travel to your house often, they also need to travel to your house often since Windows will do all sorts of strange stuff all the time... But hey, that's just my opinion.