Small update

Okay, just something to write before I go to bed:

  • Don't use Nagat in Debian Sarge, since you need register_globals on, and trust me, you don't want that.

  • My sister bought me a garden-cage for Fluffy! She was here yesterday for her first look at Fluffy and immediatly fell in love. Hard not to, really, with such a sweet little bunny. Today she was at a garden-store and saw a cage that would be suitable for Fluffy. Now she can run around in the grass and still not be able to escape :) Kinda strange, really... We want our pets to love us and feel we're their masters, but we make very sure they never get a chance to run away... Stuff to think about.

  • Went dancing with Monique tonight and it went quite well. Better than last week, at least. So I'm happy about that.

  • Working with Bart is really fun. Not only does he know a lot about servers (sometimes he makes me feel like a real n00b, but then again, usually I do understand what he's talking about ;-) ), he's easy to work with. He helps when he sees I can't solve a problem and he leaves me alone when he thinks I should solve a problem myself :) I'm already looking forward to tomorrow.

That's it. I'm off to bed now. Later!


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