Anouk's having her babies

Well, this morning, Anouk's water broke. So we knew she would be delivering soon. During the midday, Monique and I decided to go walking with Aagje in the forests, but after about 30 minutes, Hanneke called me. Anouk was delivering her first pup. Now, more than an hour and a half later, we're awaiting her second one still. You can look at the pictures I'm putting online at irregular intervals here.

I'm kinda expecting this to take a long time. Her first litter took 3 days (and she started on Christmas Night 2003, so you can imagine it was a wonderful christmas that year) and that were only 5 puppies. We expect things to go faster this time, but you never know for sure. I say, let's have Nature take her course. It'll all work out well, I'm sure. I'll keep you posted when I've got more news. Go have a look at the photo's now. The page is in Dutch, but the links only refer to picture-pages.


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