Trouble in puppy-land

Darn it. Same trouble as last time. Her first pup was born at 17:20u and healthy at that. But still no second one yet. We're getting worried and called the vet. I already told you about how her first litter took three days with christmas, we had the vet come over that time about six times. She wasn't happy with that, because, after all, it was christmas. Now it's weekend and vets in the neighbourhood take turns on the weekend-shift. But the same vet as with christmas 2003 is on duty this weekend. What are the odds?

I'm worried about Anouk and her puppies. I do hope she'll start delivering them normally after the vet has been to give her those shots again. I'm not too thrilled about those shots. Yes, really worried. I'm gonna go play with Fluffy now, she needs some attention too.


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