Endscore: 7 puppies

So, I woke up hearing the vet arrive again. I wasn't worried about that, I knew she would come again to check if Anouk was really through and to give her a final shot to make sure every piece of garbage is gone from her womb. When I dressed and went to see her, Hanneke and dad told me there are 7 puppies. As usual, you can see them here. The page is in Dutch, but I think you can figure it out. The links on the bottom are pointed to the different sets of pictures I put online.

Two puppies died during birth. One was born with an open stomach, no chance for life. The last one was stillborn, which can happen in a litter like Anouk's. Although the echo told us there should've been 10 puppies, there were only 9 in the end. Which means the echo was a bit uncertain or 1 puppy was incomplete in an early stage and taken back into Anouk's body (a normal thing, that, although it may sound a bit strange).

So we have 7 puppies, alive and kicking. And making noise. And suckling loudly at Anouk's breasts. And making a mess (although Anouk is cleaning their mess herself, of course, when she stimulates their intestines by licking their tummies). They're so cute, though. Go take a look at the pictures, you'll like them.

The only downside is that they're all black. I don't really think that's a dowside, but Hanneke told me totally black puppies were harder to sell, because most people like their dogs to have a bit brown and black together. We'll see. I still think that will not be a problem, because they will, of course, be beautiful. And very sweet. Although a little bit on the less-than-smart side, but that's their father's genes ;-)


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