Six puppies and counting

Well, all seems well now. At the time of writing, six puppies are born and considered healthy alive. That may sound morbid, but you only truly know if they survive the first few days. At least they're breathing and suckling on their mother's breasts. At the moment there are three girls and three boys, so that's nice and even.

As I told you before, birthing didn't go really easy for Anouk. The vet came and she reported she re-read her report of last year about Anouk's first litter and she expected things to go even worse than last year. She did however give Anouk a "Python"-shot, to stimulate her contractions, something which normally starts working after about 30 minutes. She told us we shouldn't expect an easy labour and should just wait until Mother Nature decided it was time for the birthing. Although we could of course call her when we thought it necessary, she wouldn't be surprised if the second pup (the first was already born) didn't arrive until the next morning. Man, was she wrong.

About 10 minutes after she left, Anouk had contractions again. Almost 10 minutes later, the second pup was born. All went well, so far. The other four followed promptly, with short intermezzo's, so Anouk could take a little rest.

Birthing is an amazing and disgusting thing. It's amazing because, you know, a new life enters this world. That's an absolutly fabulous thing to watch. Such a small, wet, sightless, deaf, squirming thing that takes its first breath, you get the feeling it takes it breath right out of your lungs. Life is such a wonderful and precious thing. And it's a disgusting thing because the afterbirth is eaten by the mother-dog. Trust me, not something you'd like to see.

My father's girlfriend, Hanneke, and my sister, Kitty, were both panting for Anouk when she had contractions. They laughed about that, but couldn't stop.

When Hanneke's daughter, Marina, phoned, I told her Anouk was giving birth and of course she asked promptly if she could come over this weekend :) Such is the beauty of birth, everyone wants to see it.

I'll not be putting up photographs of it. You can look at those on my father's site. The photo's are here. Have fun. I know I'm having fun! I'm off to bed now. My father and Hanneke will stay awake all night and I have to attend dancing-classes tomorrow, so I need my sleep. They'll probably wake me up around 10ish so they can go to sleep themselves. I told them they could do that. Let's hope they stay awake for a long time ;-)


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