Google prefetch, the drawbacks

Recently Google enhanced their search engine for Mozilla/FireFox users by adding the prefetch-functionality to their search pages. Not only is that quite redundant in my point of view (since most people have broadband these days), but it also messes up my logs! Since I wrote an article about Constantine and one about a certain torrent, a Google search for "constantine torrent" turns up my blog at the top! And because those results are prefetched, they get displayed on my site (a nice little feature I added to WordPress with a plugin from and therefor my blog is found earlier when someone searches on those keywords! We've got a loop here, folks...

So, I tried something but I'm not sure yet if it's going to work. I added a few lines in my .htacces, like some people talked about on a forum on The lines are:

SetEnvIf X-moz prefetch HAVE_X-moz

Deny from env=HAVE_X-moz

I'm not sure if those need to be in a <Location>-directive or something. So I'll have to wait to see that. I hope this stiffled all those unnessary hits to my blog. I like it when people visit my blog (that's why I keep one, you know), but they should want to be here, not visit because they're searching for something else.

Any suggestions are of course appreciated. Let's first see if this solves the problem.


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