Yes, yes, I know, no justice system is infallible, but I can become furious about some results. Hanneke got the results from her hearing today and they were in favour of her husband. The hearing was about custody of the kids. Although both parents had negative points (her almost-ex-husband is an alcoholic, she herself takes medication for her pessimism) and they both did things that were at least a little strange (he abused her and threatened my father, she ran away from her children when she just couldn't cope with everything anymore), I still think the judge made a very poor decision. How can you leave children in the custody of an alcoholic? Why put children through that? What the hell is wrong here? Okay, so she's a bit pessimistic, at least she's doing something about it by taking those drugs. He doesn't even recognise he's addicted to alcohol and when someone tries to tell him, he balks! Even when that someone is a psychiatrist! I think that's very irresponsible behaviour. And don't get me talking about men who feel it necessary to hit their wives, I'll keep going for hours. Noone, but I mean NO-ONE has the right to hit another and at the very least their wives! That's just lunacy. If you feel so strong a dislike for someone, divorce them but don't start getting physical. Why can a judge say "it's better to leave them where they are", when he knows the guy he's putting in charge of them is an abusive alcoholic? Why is that justice? Which part don't I get about this? Is it because they'd had to move to Limburg from Drenthe? Of course, that's a large thing for a child, but people move all the time, kids are far more resilient to those things than "grown-ups". I say, our justice system has failed. I'm dreading the day we're called and getting to hear he's beat up one of his kids. I really fear for that day.