check_ldap with starttls for Nagios

Since we use Nagios to monitor services and hosts with customers and OpenLDAP for accounts, we'd like to check if LDAP is still active and working. But we had a problem here, because the check_ldap plugin that's distributed in Debian's nagios-plugins package doesn't speak STARTTLS. So I modified the source-code of check_ldap and created check_ldap_starttls. Some might (and have) argue that using ldaps:// would be easier to implement, but that's a non-argument, for as far as we're concerned, since ldaps:// is deprecated.

As usual, you can find my files right here. I claim no copyright to the code whatsoever, since I only added about 8 lines and most of those were copied from some other programme. Use as you see fit.


Update Been fixed in the latest packages, I believe. Removed the links here.


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