Living together

I'm so much looking forward to living together with Monique. It's still some months in the future, I guess, but we're already making the plans together. Which furniture we want, how big Fluffy's cage will be (I'm planning on making one myself), which appliances we'll need to buy and which ones we can loan from family and friends, how our days will be filled (working, mostly, but after work we'll be together), who will cook and who will do the dishes, if we want a wooden floor or carpet (wood, of course, since Fluffy's 'accidents' will be easier to remove), curtains, tv, grass or stone in the backyard, wallpaper or paint, gas or electric, wooden, metal or plastic cutlery, lots of plants or lots of flowers, waterbed or not (not, probably), where I will stash my books, my plates or her plates, large fridge or not, normal lights or LEDs, will I buy her car so she can buy a new one, how much will we fight, who can come over for the house warming party, ...

I know I sound like a love-sick puppy, but you know, I still am one. Very much in love with Monique.


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