Postfix + saslauthd + SMTP AUTH + TLS

You know, I love Open Source, but sometimes it's a real drag. But why am I complaining, since at least Open Source offers the oppertunity for nice security or hardly any security. I just got SMTP AUTH and SMTP STARTLS working on Postfix on a Debian Sarge machine. It takes a few steps, but in the end you at least have something worth while. It's a bit tricky, but luckily most parts are very well documented on the Internet. The sources I used to get this stuff up and running are:

Take especially good care of the copying of stuff to the Postfix chroot-dir. I considered disabling chroot, but decided against it. It's just safer with the chroot in place. The hassle it takes is only a one time thing. Now it will work even through an upgrade, I think. Have fun with this.


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