Humans: The Best Torturers

A divorce is never a nice thing. When you're lucky, both parties are benevolent towards each other, but even then things can get out of control. In this case, the divorce is a real war, with several bombing runs.

Today, Hanneke learned that, against her wishes, her soon-to-be ex-husband decided to get rid of Hanneke's dogs. They had an agreement about that, a friend of Hanneke was more than happy to take care of the dogs, if they were too much of a burden for Hanneke's ex-husband. So, Hanneke called her lawyer, her lawyer called his lawyer and her lawyer called back. Again, Hanneke is upset. Probably just what her ex-husband wanted to achieve.

I'll never get that. I can understand the resentment and the feeling of wantig to hurt the other, if only to get even for the hurt she caused him, but to actually act upon that feeling... Well, apparantly humans only act like they're sophisticated, they're real beasts underneath.


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