MP3 b0rken AGAIN

Well, it seems that my MP3 player, a Lenco XEMIO-111 is b0rken again. A few weeks ago, the pin which keeps the battery in place broke off. Well, shit happens, so I brought it back to the supplier, Kijkshop in Sittard to have it fixed. After 20 days (which they said was the standard waiting period to get things fixed) I got it back and indeed, the pin was soldered back on. A nice connection, nice work. So I was satisfied.

Today I noticed that I can't connect the thing to my computer anymore. Well, I can connect it, but it doesn't register itself with the USB drive. My /proc/bus/usb/devices only lists the USB ports and the headset I have connected there, but not the Lenco. This sucks. So tomorrow, I'll have to take it back to Kijkshop again and again, I'll have to live without it for at least 20 days. Let's hope they don't break anything else this time.


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