GUI wrapper for 'convert -resize'

Last night I started working on a little Python (or rather, a PyQt) experiment. My dad always needs help doing very simple stuff, like resizing images. Of course, everyone can use The GIMP to resize images, but the program takes long to load and isn't very intuitive when you only want to resize stuff. And we Linux-people just use convert (from ImageMagick) to convert a slew of photographs to send through email. But that's way to difficult for my dad. And actually, I don't want him learning the command line. So I made him this program:

A snapshot from WebImageMaker

It's very easy to use. First you select the directory in which the photographs are that you want converted. Then you select the maximum width and maximum height and then you click the big button in the bottom. The program starts converting very .jpg it can find in the directory you choose. In case you were wondering, of course this program is released under the GPL, although I doubt anyone really wants to use it. My next 'great feat' will be a frontend for MPlayer's Mencoder, to resize movies.

Download my Python script here:

Start it like so: python

Comments are welcome, of course. I'd appreciate any help in getting the output from 'convert' into a textfield in the program, so any errors are reported and other nice output can take place.


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