On this page I'll keep track of the programs I've made or packaged. I expect this to become quite cluttered in a few months, but for now a simple list will do. I'll add the newest programs on top. I usually just alter GPL'd programs, so they're still GPL. If I wrote something myself, consider it GPL.

  • Widelands CVS version, packaged for Mandriva 2005LE. I try to update this often.
  • WebMediaMaker, a PyQt frontend to easily resize .jpg-files. Read about it here.
  • check_ldap_starttls (source), a Nagios plugin, but nothing more than a little adaptation of the standard plugin check_ldap. My version uses STARTTLS to start a secure connection (instead of ldaps://). Read about it here.
  • twiki-kupu_1.0b4.1-1_i386.deb, a packaged version of kupu for TWiki for Debian Sarge. Read about it here.
  • Cyrus 2.1 with the Autocreate patch from the University of Athens. The links and some explanation about that can be found here.

If at any time you have question about these packages, just ask me in the comments of the articles that are associated with the files. I usually respond quite quickly.

Update Removed the very old links. No longer have those files.


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