Don't switch to Madriva 2005LE!

As I've noted before, I've upgraded my Mandrake 10.1 installation to Mandriva 2005LE. I thought this would be a Good Thing™, but alas, I noted earlier also that things were getting quite messy. Things get even messier, after a few months, though.

For the record, I'm using a completely clean Mandriva 2005LE installation on two machines. No packages were built by myself, I update regularly, I know some stuff about Linux to get the more obscure parts working, even. I've had some strange things before, but now I'm getting the epithome of three strange things at the same time:

  1. The printer stopped working. I've no idea why. I've had this earlier and the only way to fix it is rebooting the machine. I'm using a Canon S600 with the recommended drivers from Mandriva, but I've tried the TurboPrint drivers also (I even bought them some time ago, because I liked those so much), but the problem occurs with both drivers. The printer just stops working. I can still send jobs to CUPS and it even reports its working and printing, but the printer isn't printing. Restarting CUPS doesn't help. Removing the whole queue and starting anew doesn't help. A reboot helps. I cannot explain this behaviour and I haven't tried it with any other distribution yet, but I find it very, very strange.

    So no, I'm not sure if this is Mandriva-specific, but still, it doesn't really bolster my confidence in the distribution.

  2. stopped working. No idea why. It worked a few hours ago. I wrote my document and quitted like normal. But now it refuses to start. I'm not getting an error, no warning whatsoever, even when I start it from the console. It just exits with a 0-status. I tried strace-ing it, but couldn't find anything helpful. This is just plain stupid. What's going on here? Why did this stop working all of a sudden? No clue whatsoever.

  3. When I noted my last problem, I wanted to reinstall the package, just to see if that would fix it. I started with a urpmi.update -a --wget. All went quiet. No response whatsoever. No error, no warning, nothing. An strace didn't show me anything useful, so I removed all repositories and am now in the process of adding them anew. Again, this simply shouldn't happen. One should at least get an error message or something!

I always liked Mandrake, but Mandriva does not live up to the standards. Usually, I would be bitching about that other OS, but today Mandriva needs some spanking. No error message is even worse than an intelligable error message. At least you know when you can stop waiting for a response. I'm furious. I really am considering switching to another distribution. These things shouldn't happen!


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