Direct Marketing

I absolutely hate Direct Marketing by telephone. I have no objections to anything through normal snail mail (Direct Marketing through email is just simply SPAM and they should shoot every one of them), but being called three times in one morning by people who want to sell me some adspace on a (unused) search-site or anything should find themselves a real job where they don't have to annoy other people. I'm getting more and more impolite when I talk to those people. Normally, I just kept in mind that the person on the other end of the telephone is just doing his or her job, but lately, I get so many phonecalls that I'm getting ruder and ruder. When I finally have a working Asterisk installation, I'll block any and all telephone calls that do not display their return number. And of course, I'll keep a list of all numbers from those friggin' marketing folks. Maybe they'll stop harrassing me then. I doubt it, though.

There should be more voices raised against those unethical practises. They cost me time and time is money. I'm usually not as strict about the "time is money" thing, but when it comes to Direct Marketeers, I am. I really think they should make it illegal to bother people with such rubbish.

Do you think the same about Direct Marketing? Do as I do, tell them you won't ever buy something from a company that resorts to telephone marketing. Ever. Even when you like the offer, don't buy anything. Nothing at all. If a lot of people say that, maybe they'll stop. It's the same as spam, if everyone would just ignore it, it wouldn't be profitable for spammers to invest time in it.


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