Well, apparantly, my computer wanted to screw me real good today. After the rant I wrote this afternoon about the trouble I'm having with Mandriva 2005LE, I'll add some stuff which I just encountered. Actually, I encountered it before, but then I didn't want to write it down, because I thought it was all kinda minor. Now, when I have the full picture, it seems a lot of trouble from a distribution that worked so nicely...

  1. I'm running the NVidia kernel from Mandrivaclub's commercial packages. Yes, I actually payed Mandrake for their software (a while ago, since then I've been VIP). When booting, though, I'm getting an error message about nvidia being unable to install. After that, nvidia runs normally, so it seems like a bogus message. Still annoying and unnecessary. Also, there seems to be no place to report bugs in those commercial packages.
  2. Every other boot, Alsa doesn't start properly. And when I say every other boot, I mean every other boot. The first boot everything is okay, the second the emu10k1 isn't recognised, the third time everything is okay, the fourth time the emu10k1 isn't recognised, etc. Annoying, to say the least. I have no idea why it does this.
  3. Also, when the soundcard is detected, when I log in, all sound is muted by default. I need to manually open KMix and unmute the sound. Again, annoying.
  4. My Netgear WA311 isn't detected properly. It gives an error during startup. I manually added "rmmod orinoco_pci; modprobe orinoco_pci" to /etc/rc.local to make it work without having to go to a prompt each boot. Note: This piece of hardware worked perfectly under Mandrake 10.1. Actually, that's why I bought two of them!
  5. This might not be Mandriva-specific (maybe the others aren't either, but still, it's worth mentioning here), but when I have a lot of traffic over my pci wifi card (the netgear wa311 from the precious point), the kernel stops working. Usually, it takes a while before it hangs and my screen is blanked when I notice it. I think it's an error in the orinoco_pci-drivers or something, not sure. It's been around since Mandrake 10.0, though.
  6. Klipper doesn't start automatically! Why did they disable this? Klipper kicks ass!
Some of these problems might not be Mandriva specific. I'm not sure about that. But the problems I experience make me want to switch to another distro. And I will, one of these days. Probably to Ubuntu, since it works so flawlessly on my laptop. I'm dissappointed in Mandriva, I really thought they would improve stuff, but it seems all downhill since 10.0. Too bad.