Way too hot

It's way too hot to do anything outside, so I guess I'd better get some work done behind this computer. My PowerBook wasn't delivered last Friday, so I hope they'll deliver it tomorrow. Bart told me it took his Mac Mini two days in "Out for Delivery" before it was delivered. Not a very helpful message, then. Ah well, I'll survive, of course, but this weekend would've been perfect to play with the thing.

Even though I just told you it's way too hot to do anything outside (it's almost 33 degrees Centigrade here), I just went biking again. Fixed my bike yesterday and I really want to loose some kg's this summer. Biking is in my blood. Even though I hadn't done it in quite a few years (which is really bad, because I love to bike), I biked at the highest gear and for almost 30 minutes and I'm still not really tired. Today I went to the second exit of Doenrade. Tomorrow I'll bike until the exit of Bingelrade. The day after Jabeek. And then I'll bike to Schinveld, which is where Monique lives during the weekends :)


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