Some of my own patches to Widelands

Okay, it was way too hot today to do anything significant (although I did some work I had to do, of course), but I did so anyway. I made a patch for Widelands to incorporate the images Salamander made because I liked them so much :)

Be warned, this is a dirty patch (hotspots and the like aren't properly set yet), use at your own risk!

A tarball which you can just use in our already compiled Widelands dir. Just overwrite your widelands/tribes/barbarian/buildings directory with the stuff from this tarball and all will look nice. Well, it do so on my machine. Again, use at your own risk. I'm running the latest Widelands rpm from this directory.

I also made a patch out of it... I think... Somehow. Again, taken against the latest CVS version. You can find it in the same directory or go straight here.

Again, it's a dirty patch. All the old graphics are still there, which makes the entire directory larger than it should be. Have fun with this and, Salamander, thanks for the great art!


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