Mac Essentials

Some links to programs I can't live without on my PowerBook:

  • SSHKeyChain, for all your ssh needs.

  • NewsFire, for RSS feeds, of course. I'll publish a list of my feeds later.

  • Fink, to make installing Open Source Software on your Mac a breeze. Includes FinkCommander.

  • MacGPG, for safe emailing. I use it in combination with GPGMail, to make using GPG from Apple's Mail easier.

  • NeoOffice, the for the Mac. Because all my documents are in OOo format.

  • X11 from the Optional Packages from the Install DVD's. Used for programs like GnuCash, which I use for my administration.

  • Colloquy, the nightly built, for my IRC needs.

Did a re-install today, because Apple's FileVault (encryption of my personal files) seemed to mess up my disk. All is fine now, so I think I'm okay. Had to reinstall every program and setting, though, because I wasn't able to make a backup from my previous settings.


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