Random problems/rants/thingies

  • World of Warcraft has a problem in which some textures aren't loaded properly on the PowerBook. It makes some characters appear as ghosts. I'll must take a screenshot of it before I can post it on the forums at Blizzard as a bug. I might do that tomorrow night.
  • Apple's iCal allows publication of calenders through secure http (https), but apparantly can't read them through https. That just doesn't make sense.

  • I just can't get used to not being able to use the Home and End key to travel through a line of written text on my PowerBook. Gotta find a solution for that soon.

  • We got little chicks! The first one hatched yesterday, today 2 more hatched. I'll put pictures on soon!

  • Today I spent 31 minutes on the phone with Apple Technical Support to get an issue with my screen sorted out and two of the keys of my keyboard replaced. Apparantly, they're not able to send me any new keys, I have to take my machine to an Apple Support Store. So I called one in Sittard today and the woman on the phone was really friendly, asking me how long I've been using Mac and welcoming me to the club of devotees. I can take my PowerBook in there next Wednesday, to make sure it's indeed just those two keys. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep my PowerBook until they have recieved the keys. I'm already attached to the little thing. (Well, that and WoW of course.)

  • I finally made level 30 with my Warlock Mulguy! /cheer

  • I feel guilty for neglecting Fluffy a little bit. Although she did spent her whole day on the new-lain gras in the backyard yesterday. If it's a bit drier tomorrow, I'll put her there again.

  • Justice and Child Care suck in The Netherlands. The rather condone sexual abuse of a child than take action. A very sick world we live in.

  • Newsfire is the perfect RSS reader. $18.99 very well spent.

  • Macro's in WoW are cool.
    /s Fear me, %T, for I am Root! /cast Fear (Rank 1)

    :) I'm rolling on the floor, laughing. (%T is replaced with the name of the selected character)

  • Tomorrow a colleague of my father comes for a visit. He owns some houses which he lets out. So I'm hoping to make a good impression on him... Monique and I desperately need a place for ourselves.

  • I should go to bed earlier. Starting today. I'm off. Good night.

  • My visit to the dentist this morning went okay. He replaced a filling which he wasn't happy about and that hurt a little, but all in all, it went okay.

  • Now I'm really off to bed. Good night!


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