Painting of the Future

Sometimes when I'm working, I just get ideas that are, at that moment, quite interesting. After looking at how my Apple Screensave (I was having lunch) was displaying pictures and zooming in and out of them a bit, I started thinking about The Home of the Future. Of course, each home of the future has several touch-screens on the walls, to easily access all the high-tech gizmo's we have sprewn around the house.

But what do those display when they're not in use? Why, pictures of course! Artistic usage of screensavers. I can imagine photographers selling subscriptions to their site, so your screensavers get a login to download new pictures from the site every day. And of course your unread RSS headlines are displayed now and again on the screen. Maybe your stock quotes, if you're interested in those kinds of things.

The Information Age has just started. Mark my words.


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