Terrorist attack

When I got behind my computer at about noon, Bart told me there had been some explosions in the London Underground. At the moment, Blair and other persons, have already told the world the six explosions are almost certainly a coördinated terrorist attack. I feel sorry for all those people that were hit by such an attack.

I'm afraid these kinds of attacks do nothing but harm. It doesn't help with anything at all. I don't see why people get so sick with hatred that they decide to attack innocent civilians. I mean, yes, the USA is still keeping their prisoners under torture in Guatanamo Bay. Yes, they do terrible things to those prisoners. But how can honest civilians, just taking the public transit to work, be blamed and punished for such things? Terrorist attacks only help to increase hatred between all parties.

I'm afraid these terrible incidents will be used to push normally undesirable measures through parliament. I hope people will keep their heads on.


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