Motherly Angel

(Wrote this post last Sunday, but forgot to publish it, since the pictures we took were too dark :()

Since we have the little chicks in house (and no, they don't smell, their feed stuff smells more than the chicks themselves), the dogs that run around the house get a lot of exposure to the chicks. Which is fun, since they all react differently to the little things. Anouk and Cyril, both older dogs, tend to ignore the chicks altogether. Aagje has ditched the notion of "possible playpals" after she noted the chicks didn't move from their cage. But Angel is absolutely stricken with the chicks.

Now, you need to know that Angel is my favourite (well, Angel and Aagje both switch places quite often in my "best-liked-dogs-top-ten") and she's a really sweet dog. There's not a single drop aggressiveness in that girl. She's been terrorised a lot during the first few months she lived with us, because both Anouk and Aagje didn't accept Angel as part of the pack. These days, we keep Anouk and Aagje apart from the others, which works quite nicely. And the effect this had on Angel is astonishing, she's seems to be a whole different dog than just a few months ago. Much more outgoing and nicer for eveything and all.

Hanneke and my dad really want to breed with her soon, but they're both anxious to know if Angel will be a good mother or if she will not know what to do when she has a litter. Some dogs are good mothers, others are really bad mothers, not knowing what to do with this little dogs and having trouble with all those hormones coursing through their bodies. Angel could be either. But today, she showed some behaviour that makes us think she might be a very good mother.

Since the chicks are in house, she's been really watching them. At first, we made jokes about how the chicks would stand next to her when she was near the cage and she was licking her lips. But as times passed, it seems more and more that she's really affected by the fragile, young chicks. So today Hanneke wanted to see Angel's reaction to a chick when it was close by. To make a long story short (well, it's already a long story, but I'll end it here). She was very, very sweet with the chicks.

(No pictures, since they failed :()


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